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Courses Offered

We offer a variety of training courses to suit your workplace requirements, aimed at ensuring a safer working environment.


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Professional Skills Development, Onsite Work Safety, and More

At Apex SHEQ Training, we specialise in providing training that certifies and equips candidates to the highest standards. We offer a cross-section of accredited skills training with focus on practical trade skills development, a consistently high standard of employee competence, and workplace safety training.

Versatility and Range of Industry Expertise

Apex SHEQ training offers the advantage of working with a training and services provider specialising in several key infrastructural industries. These include the construction sector and petrochemical sector as well as the marine, mining, manufacturing, oil & gas, and broader energy sectors. 

All training facilitated by Apex SHEQ Training is conducted to registered CETA unit standards. CETA certificates are issued upon completion of the required training courses and modules completed.

Apex SHEQ Training is fully compliant with the regulations imposed by the SouthAfrican Department of Labour.

Apex SHEQ Training is a member of the Sekta Group, which is fully BEE-compliant, with 51.52% Black Woman Ownership and 55.97% Black Ownership

We offer a variety of training courses to suit your workplace requirements, aimed at ensuring a safer working environment.

Practical Skills Training

From plumbing to electrical engineering, specialist trade skills to supervisory qualifications, Apex SHEQ Training offers accredited modular training courses across a broad range of in-demand topics. These include scaffolding work and supervision, sheet metal fabrication and installation, use & maintenance of construction hand tools, and many more.  View our full range of courses for more information.

Health & Safety

By ensuring the presence of qualified health and safety personnel onsite, the risk of injury to employees, and damage to valuable assets and infrastructure, is significantly reduced. For our clients, investing in professional training carries numerous benefits: 

  • Procedural accountability reduces the risk of fines or worse as a consequence of non-compliance with current legislation.· 
  • The risk of potentially expensive injury claims or civil litigation is reduced.
  • Downtime is minimised, reducing the incidence of deadline overrun penalties, client claims, and other added expenses.

Expertise and Performance Excellence

Apex SHEQ Training is committed to the uncompromised implementation of HSSE standards, across every level of our company, and as a cornerstone of our service to clients. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that we stay abreast of the latest current legislation, applying these requirements to inform our approach to training. In turn, employees who undergo Health & Safety training are better able to identify the specific needs and safety requirements relevant to your company.

Relevant to the broad range of industries serviced by ApexSHEQ Training, we offer certification in Confined Space Entry and Rescue, as well as Working at Heights, in the knowledge that these are significantly high-risk activities common to many sectors. Specific modules include:

  • Risk Assessment, including continuous risk assessment protocols
  • OHS Hazchem risk analysis, monitoring, and recommendations
  • OHS legislation and application of health and safety principles in the workplace
  • Confined space work
  • Scaffolding erection and supervision
  • Fall arrest techniques